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What Does Mandelin Reagent Made Up Of?

Plenty of drug testing kits are out there in the market among which mandelin reagent is the one with higher demand. If you want to know about the reasons then you must stay till the end of the article. The very first reason is the mixture present in the solution. It is so good that you will get more promising results.

If you are new then you should use online services in order to buy it but also make sure of one thing which is to compare them with others. It will let you make the very right decision in order to buy the testing kit. The mandelin reagent kit is not that costly so you can buy it without any second thought at all.

More info about mixture

If we talk about the mixture in depth then it is made up of ammonium metavanadate and concentrated sulfuric acid. The main use of this mixture or we can say this kit is for ketamine and PMA. Prior to testing you need to mix it hard until yellow color is being created. You are curious to know more about wimscilabs, go here.

After the making of the yellow color you can pour the solution on the pills or any drugs but make sure to use the droppers for it. Also do not ever worry about the results.

Colors are everything

In order to know the right result you need to understand the color chart. At the end of the result you will notice a different color and you have to compare the color with the chart and in this way you will come to know about the exact result.

It is easy unless and until you are not following the instructions. Safety manual and guide are the only two thing you need to follow.